JULY 13-14 / 9AM-5PM (PST)

3120 Scott BLVD,Santa Clara

Blockchain Workshop:


to Implementation


This two-day course provides practical training on Ethereum Blockchain with 70% lab exercises and 30% concept building lectures. Every student gets personal attention and works with a seasoned Blockchain professional highly experienced in developing Blockchain applications on Ethereum.

By the end of the course, you will design and develop smart contracts using Solidity, design and issue your own cryptocurrency and write token contracts. You will become proficient in Blockchain and fully armed to build real-life Ethereum Blockchain applications or Dapp of any complexity on your own.

LearnersPlace rewards successful participants with a certificate of completion demonstrating their practical skills and knowledge of the emerging technology.

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DAY-1 (Blockchain Explained)

9:00 AM

Setting The Stage

  • Introductions and Workshop Overview

9:15 AM

The Genesis of Blockchain

  • Blockchain Defined

  • Blockchain History

  • Blockchain Terms and Concepts

10:15 AM

The Technology of Blockchain

  • Peer to Peer Networks

  • Applied Cryptography

  • Hash Functions

  • Consensus Mechanisms

  • Popular Protocols (Client Software)

11:30 AM

Properties of Blockchain

  • Fundamental Properties

  • Public, Permissioned, and Private

11:45 AM

Cryptocurrency Blockchain Applications

Cryptocurrencies and ICOs

  • Bitcoin, Eth, Etc.

  • Generating a Wallet

  • Trading Ether

  • Mining

  • Using Block Explorers

  • The ICO Process

2:00 PM

Enterprise Blockchain Applications

Blockchain Use-cases

  • The Chainworks Methodology

  • Chainworks POC Demos

  • Use-case Roundtable

3:45 PM

Enterprise Blockchain Applications

Integrating Blockchain with Existing IT

  • Blockchain Evolution Roadmap

  • Blockchain Interoperability

  • Business Value Creation/Disruption

4:15 PM

Enterprise Blockchain Applications

The Future of Enterprise Blockchain

  • Future Use-cases

  • Roundtable

5:00 PM

DAY-2 (Hands-on)

9:00 AM

Blockchain Fundamentals

Chainworks provides a quick review of the functional Blockchain topics covered in Day 1 to reinforce and build upon the key concepts and terms you will need to understand for Day 2.

10:15 AM

Security of Blockchain

Key differences between public, permissioned, and private blockchains, and the different security requirements of each.  Chainworks will also teach you how to properly secure a private business network blockchain.

11:00 AM

Hyperledger Architecture Deep Dive

Fundamental understanding of the Hyperledger Project, including the architecture of Hyperledger Fabric and how Hyperledger Composer allows you to quickly deploy business networks on top of the Hyperledger Fabric.

1:00 PM

Hyperledger Composer Environment Setup 

Hands on and learn how to set up the Hyperledger Composer Environment on your laptop.  Often the most difficult step in any software project is establishing the correct environment on your local machine.  Chainworks Blockchain Engineers will make sure that you will be ready to code regardless of your operating system.

1:30 PM

Live Coding - Build a Real Hyperledger Composer Application

In this session you will get hands on and with the help of Chainworks Blockchain Engineers you will learn how to deploy a network, code smart contracts, and build a front-end for your Hyperledger Composer application.

5:00 PM


JULY 13-14, 2018



3120 Scott Blvd.

Santa Clara, CA 95054


Learner's Place Professional Academy is offering an extensive workshop on Blockchain. Blockchain workshop is targeted towards engineers and executives who want to get a jumpstart on Blockchain Technology. The workshop is targeted for a small focused group of attendees with hands on lab. You will not only learn the technology but also get familiarized with industry specific applications. Workshop instructor Patrick Baron is an industry practitioner and veteran of Blockchain Technology.

After the workshop you'll have:​

  • A comprehensive understanding of what Blockchain Technology is and how it works, as well as insights into how Blockchain coexist with existing technologies also how it will affect the future of industry and of your organisation.

  • The ability to build a Blockchain, Blockchain Regulation framework, and drawing on your knowledge of blockchain and affiliated industries and technologies.

  • A certificate from Learner's Place Professional Academy as validation of your Blockchain knowledge and skills.


Each attendee must bring their own 64 bit laptop, Windows 7/8 or Mac with administrative privileges, wireless connectivity, minimum 8GB Ram and 20GB hard disk 


  • Executives looking to understand the blockchain concepts and frame business use cases for enterprises

  • Engineers/developers currently working on Blockchain based projects or looking to enter in Blockchain projects in their organization.

  • Product managers trying to decide if and how they can adopt Blockchain

  • Entrepreneurs seeking to understand the potential application of  blockchain in solving business problems

  • Professors thinking about offering Blockchain based courses

  • Students working on Blockchain based projects

Learnersplace - Professional training academy for in-depth learning


Steven Burns - Blockchain expert

Steven Burns

Director of Business Analysis and

Blockchain Economics

Steven is an experienced management and public policy consultant with strong analytic skills and a successful track record advising a diverse global clientele on a vast range of management and public policy issues.  Steven has extensive client facing experience with policymakers and all levels of the business community including C-Suite Executives, Subject Matter Experts, and technical staff.  He is certified in Blockchain Fundamentals by IBM.  


As Director of Business Analysis and Blockchain Economics at Chainworks Steven leads the Chainworks discovery process, helps enterprise clients ideate on their use-cases for blockchain technology, and works with Chainworks Blockchain Engineers to design and develop functional blockchain demonstrations and proofs of concept.  Steven is also responsible for developing blockchain training courses, presenting enterprise client workshops, and facilitating roundtable discussions to ensure client success.

Zach Gollwitzer

Blockchain Engineer

Zach is a full-stack developer with a specialization in front-end frameworks such as Angular and React.  He brings his vast understanding of user experience design to the blockchain industry where it is needed most.  As an early advocate of blockchain technology Zach has paved the way for others to follow with his extensive contributions to open source blockchain initiatives such as Hyperledger and Ethereum.  In such a nascent industry intuitive user interfaces and appealing user experiences are crucial in facilitating mass adoption, and Zach has focused on just that. 


As a Chainworks Blockchain Engineer Zach works primarily on enterprise blockchain client projects and Chainworks Innovation Lab initiatives while developing targeted blockchain training materials for various client workshops.  Away from the command line interface Zach has presented several talks on ICOs, cryptocurrency mining, and various other blockchain topics.

Zach Gollwitzer - Blockchain Engineer


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