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Blockchain Workshop:


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DAY-1 (Blockchain Explained)

What is a blockchain?

We will start with characteristics that do and do not describe the largest blockchain networks and talk about why these characteristics matter.


How do blockchains work?

We will look at the cryptography, consensus mechanisms, and governance structure of the largest blockchains.

Where are we now?

We will cover the various types of tokens, market size and players, regulatory landscape, as well as current use cases.

How did we get here? 

A brief history of the pertinent technologies that got us to where we are today. 

Where are we going?  

We will conclude with a look to the future and postulate what we can expect based on what is possible now, that wasn’t possible before blockchain technology.

DAY-2 (Hands-on)


  • An introduction to Ethereum

  • How is Ethereum different from other Blockchains (Bitcoin's in particular)

  • Why are Smart Contracts so useful

  • How to build an Ethereum Blockchain Application or Dapp.

  • Use cases/applications of Ethereum Blockchain

  • Programming languages used in blockchain applications


Setting up Environment

Install all the tools necessary for developing Ethereum smart contracts 


Deep Dive

  • A deep dive in Ethereum Smart Contracts with Truffle Framework

  • Introduction to the Solidity Programming

  • How to write a sample Smart Contracts (hands on)

  • How to write secure Smart Contracts with Unit Tests

  • How to leverage secure and audited pre-written libraries

  • How to write ICO or Token contracts.

  • Hands on lab


Front End

  • How to interact with Smart Contracts with Web3JS

  • How to build Smart Contract frontends with Javascript, HTML and CSS.

  • A simple intro to React/Ethereum

  • Hands on lab


Deploying blockchain applications

  • How to deploy your Ethereum Blolckchain Applications

  • Why use Amazon AWS

  • Why you should consider running your own Ethereum Node (Geth)

  • Using the Go(Golang) programming for building future Ethereum Projects


Wrap up


OCTOBER 4-5, 2018



4425 Fortran Ct.

San Jose, CA 95134


Learner's Place Professional Academy is offering an extensive workshop on Blockchain. Blockchain workshop is targeted towards engineers and executives who want to get a jumpstart on Blockchain Technology. The workshop is targeted for a small focused group of attendees with hands on lab. You will not only learn the technology but also get familiarized with industry specific applications. Workshop instructor Patrick Baron is an industry practitioner and veteran of Blockchain Technology.

After the workshop you'll have:​

  • A comprehensive understanding of what Blockchain Technology is and how it works, as well as insights into how Blockchain coexist with existing technologies also how it will affect the future of industry and of your organisation.

  • The ability to build a Blockchain, Blockchain Regulation framework, and drawing on your knowledge of blockchain and affiliated industries and technologies.

  • A certificate from Learner's Place Professional Academy as validation of your Blockchain knowledge and skills.


Each attendee must bring their own 64 bit laptop, Windows 7/8 or Mac with administrative privileges, wireless connectivity, minimum 8GB Ram and 20GB hard disk 


  • Executives looking to understand the blockchain concepts and frame business use cases for enterprises

  • Engineers/developers currently working on Blockchain based projects or looking to enter in Blockchain projects in their organization.

  • Product managers trying to decide if and how they can adopt Blockchain

  • Entrepreneurs seeking to understand the potential application of  blockchain in solving business problems

  • Professors thinking about offering Blockchain based courses

  • Students working on Blockchain based projects

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Steven Burns - Blockchain expert

Patrick Baron

Blockchain Specialist & Entrepreneur

Patrick is the Founder and CEO of the Blockchain Consulting Group, an Adjunct Instructor of Blockchain at the FinTech School, and a Consultancy Advisor to Blockchain at Berkeley. He was previously President of Ambisafe, a blockchain software company founded in 2015 with more than 115 employees globally.  Ambisafe has helped launch more than 40 ICOs that raised over $300M cumulatively. Ambisafe also operates Orderbook.io, an ICO hosting platform and decentralized exchange that uses smart contracts to enforce securities rules.  Prior to Ambisafe, he cofounded Hitfin a startup which aimed to move traditional financial derivatives onto the Ethereum blockchain.

Steven Burns - Blockchain expert

Fodé Diop

Blockchain Instructor & Entrepreneur

Fodé Diop was born in Dakar Sénégal and migrated to the USA to study Computer Science and play Basket Ball. He’s a serial entrepreneur, self taught computer programmer and Cinema Camera operator. He created one of the first iOS Apps in the Apple App Store to help Las Vegas visitors find nightlife events. He’s since been fully devoting his time to acquiring new knowledge about Blockchain technologies and building a decentralized Ether and ERC20 Tokens Exchange on the Ethereum Blockchain. Previously @ CashBet.com. Currently @Nuclo.io. Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies Instructor @ProductSchool


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